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About Us
ISOGEP is a private and independent Institute for studies and researches, that has acquired a considerable experience in the Romanian environment, since its establishment, in 1992. The constant evolution of the Institute was supported by diversifying the theoretical and methodological tools and by deepening the work procedures and the applied investigation techniques.
ISOGEP history has a major landmark, represented by the year 2003. During this year, we concluded the association with Eurodata research group and we integrated into our structure the marketing team from Classic. This way, we accomplished an institutional reconfiguration and the widening of the research area, by integrating new methodologies and working tools, specifically originating from computational linguistics, cognitive psychology, projective ethnology and others. 
Today, the activity of the Institute is organized in departments and laboratories, according to the tools and the nature of the researches, covering three main directions of expertise:
      social research and diagnosis;
      risk assessment, organizational analysis and diagnosis
      IT applications and computational tools for analysis.
Our experts are recommended by their professional experience and proficiency, their expertise being acknowledged by participating to several forms of institutionalized partnership, including prestigious academic institutions. Our permanent interest towards deepening the understanding of the social environment and towards subordinating the research initiative to an integrating approach, including perspectives of related but distinctive areas, represents a guaranty for the responsibility, quality and innovating spirit of ISOGEP's activity.